Required Information to Check Your Status

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To use the Entrant Status Check (ESC) Web site to check on the status of the Diversity Visa Lottery Form that you submitted to the lottery:

– You must have submitted your Diversity Visa Lottery Form for the previous or current lottery year.

– You should have a copy of your DV Confirmation Page that was displayed, and that you should have printed, after you submitted your Diversity Visa Lottery Form.

The DV Confirmation Page displays the Entrant Name, Confirmation Number, Year of Birth, and a Digital Signature. You must have this information available in order to check the status of the Diversity Visa Lottery Form that you submitted to the lottery.

The Confirmation Number is 16 characters long (alphanumeric) and starts with the numeric digits 2013 or 2014.

Example: 20131O0DZWY3DOV9

While in the ESC Web site, do not use your browser’s Forward and Back buttons to navigate between pages. The browser’s cache does not refresh, so using your browser’s navigation buttons may display outdated information. Use the buttons and links provided on the Web site—Continue, Submit, Cancel, Help, ESC Home Page, and Consular Affairs Main Page—to ensure you are viewing updated information.

Error Message: Information Entered is Not Valid

Differentiate_Confirm_CharactersWhen you are completing the Enter Entrant Information page, you may receive an error message telling you that the “Information entered is not valid…” even though you think you have entered everything correctly.

Several characters in the Confirmation Number can be confusing due to their similar appearance. These are the most common errors: 0 = zero, O = letter ‘O’, 1 = one, I = letter ‘I’ (like ‘Ice’), 6 = six, G = letter ‘G’, 8 = eight, B = letter ‘B’

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